Introducing Aelium

2 min readMay 12, 2022


Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

The democratization of investment opportunities is nothing new: there are plenty of offerings for low or no-fee investing, copy trading, robo-advisors or educational programs. However the most advanced developments in Machine Learning and Computational Finance, at the core of Financial Machine Learning (FinML), are often technically and financially inaccessible to many institutions, such as asset managers, family offices or hedge funds, let alone retail investors.

Aelium’s vision is to fill this gap and make FinML accessible for all investors with a no-code, fully explainable and ready-to-use solution to seamlessly integrate into any investment process. Just as Cloud Computing and no-code solutions have been key to fostering the emergence of new businesses and new applications, FinML must be available to everyone to facilitate the process of finding and analyzing profitable financial opportunities.

With Aelium, FinML is just a few clicks away: you can easily improve your quant and fundamental strategies, optimize portfolios, identify the best assets to invest in, and more.

We are opening the doors of our v1.0 in May 2022 to all traders and investors with an initial focus on digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Why Aelium? If you like what we are doing join our community!

Aelium brings together a core team of expert traders, data scientists and security practitioners, academic researchers, and successful entrepreneurs in the FinML landscape.

Aelium is here to democratize Machine Learning in Finance. We are currently building partnerships and our team; if you share our vision, come and join us to build the future of Finance together.